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New Facility Builds


New Facility Builds

Goodwood Park Healthcare Group focuses on producing the best long term outcomes for both clients and the business. As a result we choose to own properties and only resort to renting as part of initiating some new contracts.

We are currently in the process of building an apartment tower in Portage Road, New Lynn. Additonally, we are looking to develop a purpose built High and Complex Needs service in Ranui, West Auckland.

This means we have ownership over the properties and the facilities, in order to ensure they are fit for purpose, well maintained and provide the best environment for staff and clients thus ensuring the best potential outcomes.

In this way we can respond to the challenges of providing quality housing for all. Thus reducing the impact of unsuitable accommodation for our client groups.

Portage Road Apartments

Goodwood Park Healthcare Group has long since recognised that stable, secure, warm and friendly accommodation plays a massive part in a person's wellbeing.  As a result, when the government announced that our property in Portage Road was to be part of a special housing area, we began to investigate what options this provided for development.

High and Complex Needs

Goodwood Park Healthcare Group successfully tendered with Waitemata DHB to design, build and deliver a new residential facility in which to provide an innovative service. The facility will be located in West Auckland on the edge of a residential area, with protected views out across the beautiful Waitakere Ranges.