The Goodwood Park Healthcare Group


In the beginning!

It all started with the closing of the large Mental Health institutions in the 1980's and the resultant move of people out into the community. Many of these people were finding themselves living in boarding houses with minimal supports or homeless. Four nurses had a vision for how these people could still receive high quality support but in a community setting. The service was highly successful, grew quickly and was recognised as an innovative and quality response to client needs.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and ACC

With the change to the Complex Personal Injury Legislation in 1994 to include TBI, Goodwood Park Healthcare Group was approached by the Otara Spinal Unit to be one of the first to take a residential claimant in New Zealand, under this legislation, with a dual diagnosis of Mental Health and TBI. This was the beginning of not only a specialist division for TBI, but the beginning of a close collaboration with ACC to develop targeted services.The delivery of high standard client services with attention to quality and innovation led to rapid growth.

A New Beginning

In 2007 ACC approached Goodwood Park Healthcare Group looking for a specialised service working intensively with TBI clients. This resulted in our Kelston Services being opened in 2008. The movement back into TBI, and a willingness to say "yes" when others said "no", also saw the group engage with a small number of very high and complex needs clients.

Growth and Diversity

2010 marked a significant year for Goodwood Park Healthcare Group with a successful tender for a brand new Supported Living Service (SLS) and the purchase of Links Integrated Health Limited. This provided an additional 14 Level 3 residential Mental Health beds which further expanded our TBI residential services. The new SLS service quickly grew and within 18 months was one of the largest in the country. These services led to additional organic growth which continues today.

High and Complex Needs Service

In the last 10 years there has been an increase in the complexity of clients needs, particularly those with multiple diagnoses and challenging behaviours. Goodwood Park Healthcare Group found the challenges of responding to these needs increasingly difficult within its existing facilities. The directors and senior staff made a bold decision to open up a specific service for this client group with its own dedicated staff team, facility and model of practice, and so our first Gated Community opened.


With our experience in delivering a large high quality community service, the decision to tender for a world first Department of Corrections contract was a natural step. Having been awarded the tender, we were able to co-design the whole service model and develop an innovative and highly successful service, which has delivered a 6% reduction in reoffending. This makes it one of the Department of Corrections most successful programmes ever.

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And what next?

In 2016 Goodwood Park Healthcare Group celebrated winning a major new Waitemata DHB contract to provide for 16 high and complex needs clients. Goodwood Park Healthcare Group is investing in a purpose built specialist facility, from which to deliver this service. We have also purchased a new property, south of Auckland, with the intention of developing a second level therapeutic rehabilitation service for high and complex needs clients. In addition, Goodwood Park Healthcare Group is also responding to the growing need for more affordable social housing in Auckland and is building two new apartment blocks in New Lynn. These will provide high quality sustainable housing options for up to 24 clients.