The Goodwood Park Healthcare Group

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Why work with us?

Goodwood Park Healthcare Group has a long history of delivering high quality innovative services and of being:

  • Flexible
  • Innovative
  • Responsive to funder and client needs
  • Evidence based in practice
  • Able to acheive outstanding audit results
  • Focused on client outcomes and progression
  • Focused on utilising Recovery and Strengths Models

Our Track Record/Outcomes

  • Over 30 years of continuous success and growth based on quality.
  • Use of mixed model approaches on individualised care plans.
  • Well established outcome measurement tools - Quality of Life, OBS, SF 36, Mayo Portland, FIM, and many others.
  • Data recording and collection - MOH PRIMHD reporting, Department of Corrections Portal, ACC 1155 and 5785 reporting templates.
  • Continual high quality audit results including our recent four years recertification.

The Demand

Unfortunately, with the growth in availability of synthetic drugs and in particular the use of methamphetamines, we are seeing an increase in the number of people suffering both poor Mental Health and Traumatic Brain Injuries. In particular, we are seeing a significant rise in clients with high and complex needs, who also have significant AOD seeking behaviours and challenges.
This has led to intense pressure on our residential services, and more intense demands for providers and staff in delivering an effective service.

The Challenge

Resources are often scarce, so prioritising these is a constant challenge, especially to DHB’s and NGO's. Pressures of public perception and safety issues and the demands of the increase in crisis presentations mean that the focus is often on crisis intervention, rather than preventative solutions for families and individuals.

This has been recognised, thus new initiatives such as our Mental Health Supported Living Service and home based treatment seek to provide more flexible early community interventions.

Our Solution

By working in partnership with family/whānau, as well as ensuring that we support people engaging with their local communities our main focus is on finding long term sustainable solutions to the need. We also engage actively with our own cultural teams and specialist cultural providers to ensure that services are delivered in a manner that is most appropriate to an individual’s preferences. Another key aspect; the vast majority of services are delivered in homes of three to four clients, which helps them maintain as many skills of daily living as possible, and prepares clients for smooth transition back into the community.

Your Opportunity

You’ll be working with a provider, with over 29 years’ experience in the field of Mental Health and Traumatic Brain Injury, who are committed to the best possible outcomes for your client/s as they journey through their rehabilitation process. There are options within the organisation to provide services to your clients as their needs change, promoting trust and continuity of care.

How to Make a Referral

The entry for clients to the majority of our services are accessed through our funders: Ministry of Health, ACC, Waitemata DHB and Department of Corrections.

If you are unsure or if you want to discuss an individual funding agreement for a client with Long Term Chronic Health Conditions, DHB’s, ID or Taikura funding, please in the first instance contact: Kenny Paton on 0275457585.

For our Waitemata DHB Mental Health contracts (referral is through Locality Coordination Services):

  • Goodwood Park Lodge
  • Martin Place residential
  • Complex Packages of Care
  • Mental Health Supported Living
  • Supported Landlord : Auckland
  • High and Complex Needs

For an informal discussion on how best to access these services contact: Ipsita Sircar on 027 527 1040

For our ACC Residential Services (referrals come from your ACC Case Manager):

  • Kelston Services
  • Gated Services (Ramarama & Kumeu)

For an informal discussion on how best to access these services contact: Ipsita Sircar on 027 527 1040

For our ACC Community Services (referrals come from your ACC Case Manager):

  • LML Auckland
  • LML Northland

For an informal discussion on how best to access these services contact: Kenny Paton 0275457585

For our Corrections Services (referrals come from your Case Managers):

  • Out of Gate
  • Supported Accommodation West Auckland
  • Supported Accommodation Whakatane and Tokoroa

For more information contact: Ian Garfitt 02718000125