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There was always helpful, friendly staff

There was always helpful, friendly staff

I have been delighted with the progress my daughter Frances has made through Goodwood services over the last 3 years. The organisation and routines are carefully planned and the staff professional, empathetic and dedicated.

While at the Lodge my daughter was settled and secure. There was always helpful, friendly staff and she was provided with nutritious meals.

I was delighted when she moved to Pooks Road which was so homely, aesthetically attractive and as close to normal flatting, with supports, as possible. The staff were very caring and capable while always encouraging my daughter to become even more independent and self-reliant. It has been extremely helpful that my daughter was given high expectations with close support to become more independent with meal planning, preparation, cooking, laundry, cleaning and personal organisation as well as encouraging her to be involved in community activities.

It was wonderful to know the supports were there so I could get on with being a Mum and not caregiver also. I have always found the staff to be supportive to me, ready to listen and problem solve when issues arose.

Transition to no overnight and POC plus support was scary as it was so fast with little warning. Despite this our experience has been positive and successful.

Transition to living independently in the community with POC and support hours was also rapid. So far it has proved successful. When this change occurred Frances was ready to do more for herself. The higher expectations and consistency shown by the staff, but also having consistent staff, have really made a difference and ensured her progress towards independence.

It has been excellent that management of Goodwood staff have allowed flexibility and variance of hours and timing to personalize the provision of support. POC and support workers are proactive and supportive of my daughter, her dad and me.

The most difficult has been communication when different staff or temporary staff have been rostered and communicating support and needs when they are unfamiliar.

I highly recommend Goodwood Park services to any service users and families

I would like to make special thanks for the work of Grace Blackmore,

Brenda Jenkins  Ellen Hunter, Sue Cox, Cheryl Moss and Dominica.

There are others but I don't have so much contact with them.