The Goodwood Park Healthcare Group

  • The Lodge &
    Martin Place

The Lodge

The Lodge is the heart and soul of Goodwood Park Healthcare Group, being the original premises that the business was founded from.  Today it also is the administration centre, the main offices for the senior management teams, the Auckland Living My Life base as well as the Willow complex for the Gated Community and High and Complex Needs services. Despite all this growth, the service itself is still at the heart of everything Goodwood Park Healthcare Group stands for.

The Lodge is home to 18 clients, comprising of two units with nine beds each. The client group supported have dual diagnosis and tends to be slightly older than in many residential facilities. The Lodge tends to be slower stream rehabilitation, although we do still have a number of clients who stay less than 18 months.

Unit one caters for those individuals with high dependency and personal care needs, and all meals are supervised by our dietician and in house chef. In addition, the service has a cleaner and laundry assistant to support the dedicated staff team. Clients are involved in as many areas as possible, so although they may not be able to cook for themselves, they are still involved in all the meal and menu planning.

Unit two also has nine beds, but caters for individuals with a slightly higher level of independence. Clients are supported to prepare their own meals or at least parts of it, do some of the laundry, go shopping and keep their own environment clean. This is in addition to a more varied programme of activities such as the walking group, coffee club and regular trips to local malls, the RSA and the cinema.

Set in four beautiful acres in the Kumeu countryside, the service creates a calm and tranquil feeling that aids recovery and ensures that clients can always find a quiet space to get away from it all. We also have an outdoor swimming pool, art group and a daily walking group.

All staff are qualified, or working towards, a qualification of a minimum Mental Health Level four standard, and there is 24/7 access to a registered nurse. Other inputs include, and are not limited to, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, general practitioners, social workers and psychiatrists.

Martin Place

Martin Place is a residential facility staffed 24/7 set in the Kelston community. The service is operated out of three residential properties, helping to create a  real life community environment designed to assist with the transition back into independent community living.  The service has a mix of clients and is orientated at developing the skills required to live independently in the community.

Martin Place's programme is community orientated, with clients encouraged to join the local gym, swimming pool and various community groups. Clients are also supported to think about employment options, often starting with voluntary and part time work and to manage their own budgets, shopping, meal preparation and other daily living tasks.

Support is offered to engage or re-engage with families and to identify natural and sustainable community supports. Clients moving on are able to access both our Mental Health Supported Living and Complex Packages of Care services. Many clients move into our own supported landlord accommodation to ease the transition.