The Goodwood Park Healthcare Group

  • ACC Residential Services

Kelston services are the base of our ACC Traumatic Brain Injury rehabilitation programme set in the Kelston community. The facility comprises of several residential properties connected by pathways, to create individual units in a collective service, that allows plenty of group activity and client interaction.

The service has 24/7 staffing providing a variety of natural and targeted community based supports inputs.  Of particular importance, in Traumatic Brain Injury rehabilitation, is the need to provide good programme structure to support clients in developing routines and skills that make their cognitive deficits easier to manage. These programmes are developed by our Therapists.

To this effect, the service runs a variety of programmes, groups and activities as well as supporting access to a wide range of community groups and activities, which also assist in developing their social skills and facilitating reintegration into community living.

Each client has an individualised plan tailored to their needs, with supported engagement with families/whānau. Clients are also supported to engage with other specialist providers such as Alcohol and Drug services, Physiotherapy and the Brain Injury Association.