The Goodwood Park Healthcare Group

  • We Weren't Kidding!

At Goodwood Park Healthcare Group we have a reputation for "doing whatever it takes"...  but this year that statement took on a whole new meaning! As you can see from pictures below, responding to growth in our TBI residential services required something a little bit special.  We were able to subdivide one of our existing properties, but only space for a new house was in rear of section. We managed to design a plan to take house at our Portage Road site, that is being developed into new flats, and lift whole thing up and over existing house, onto pre-prepared foundations.    

The process of loading house took two days. We had to move it from New Lynn to Kelston, a very rapid 15 minutes, in dead of night. The final lift took four hours. Most of that time was spent setting up crane and its 100 tonne counterweight. It took less than 10 minutes to actually lift house into position  and set it on foundations.  The whole show was watched by clients and staff alike and  it was a very unique experience.