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Hear from the Team

Ashleigh Anderson

Ashleigh Anderson

Position: LML - Bay of Plenty

Topic: (Career Progression)

Hi I’m Ashleigh, and I have been with Goodwood Park for about three and a half years now. I started as a recent graduate from Massey University with a Social Work degree under my belt. I started as a support worker in our Supported Living Services based in Auckland. As a new graduate I was unsure what to expect, as this was and is my first job in the field. Goodwood Park were very supportive of this and had faith that I was more than capable in working alongside our clients in the community. As I became settled into the role and gained more knowledge, skills and experience, I became interested in the Assessor role within Supported Living. I was given the opportunity to move into a 50/50 role of both support work and assessor. This again expanded my skills and I enjoyed having this balance of working alongside our clients, as well as the more “behind the scenes” work of creating goals, working with multi-disciplinary teams and report writing. As our sector continues to grow, I was then recently offered a fulltime Assessor role and gladly accepted. This will allow me to grow my experience and has given me new and exciting opportunities within Supported Living/Living my Life and Goodwood Park. I continue to thoroughly enjoy the role and look forward to expanding my knowledge and experience.