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Traumatic Brain Injury & Mental Illness Services
Traumatic Brain Injury & Mental Illness Services
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Residential Services-both funded through ACC and Ministry of Health

Kumeu, Ranui, Kelston and Whangarei have Residential Services that are staffed 24 hours a day.

The Goodwood Park Healthcare Group provides a number of residential rehabilitation options for clients who require 24-hour rehabilitative support. These services are provided in 'home-like' environments and are accessible to clients who are referred from ACC co-ordinators nationwide through to the Regional Rehabilitation Co-ordinators working for community mental health teams within various District Health Boards and Department Of Corrections.

We work collaboratively with clinical teams, clients and other organisations to ensure a safe transition into these services.

A key component of the service is supporting clients accessing services in the wider community. All services are located in close proximity to shops, public transport and local amenities, and are aimed at clients who require continued support in order to regain independence and develop skills that facilitate independent living.

Intensive Rehabilitation Services

Goodwood Park Lodge provides 24-hour high-level care and support to clients with serious mental health issues. Criteria for accessing this intensive service are determined by the contractual obligations we have with local ACC offices and  District Health Boards.

Specialist  Intensive Rehabilitation Services

Our Gated Community, located in Kumeu, provides 24-hour high-level rehabilitation to clients often with a serious dual disability (Drugs & Alcohol, mental health/severe traumatic brain injury), who may have a forensic history. Because of the complex nature of this client group there may be multiple stakeholders and funders involved.

We accept client referrals to these services from the ACC, DHB’s, Mason Clinic, Corrections and Probation.  Due to the complexity of the service, contact between the clinical teams and Goodwood Park Healthcare occur on a very regular basis.

Respite Care

Even though many families take great joy in providing care to their loved ones so that they can remain at home, the physical, emotional and financial consequences for carers can be overwhelming without some support.

Respite care is the provision of community based, short-term, temporary relief for carers, family and whānau whose primary role involves the care and support of their family member.

It is designed to provide short-term breaks for carers, while also providing a positive, stimulating and worthwhile experience for the person concerned.

We provide a number of facilities and options for respite care within our residential services.

This service maybe accessed through our Accommodation Facilitator whose contact details are in our Directory.