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Traumatic Brain Injury & Mental Illness Services
Traumatic Brain Injury & Mental Illness Services
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Department Of Corrections "Out of the gate"

Out of Gate Services is an exciting new initiative aimed at supporting offenders to successfully reintegrate back into the community and lead crime free lives.

The project was initially for a year but has proved so successful that the Minister has extended this contract for another year.Goodwood Park Healthcare is partnering directly with the Department of Corrections to provide support and services to around 950 offenders upon their release from prison.

This service works directly with Waikeria, Tongariro/ Rangipo prisons and Spring Hill prisons. Covering the Waikato, Hamilton, Bay Of Plenty including Tauranga and Whakatane, as well as Rotorua and Taupo.

The service continues to focus on some of the key barriers and needs that offenders have in reintegrating and leading crime free lives. These include

Integration Facilitators meet with offenders in prison to identify their needs and to develop a Roadmap that plans the steps needed to take upon their release. Our support staff then arrange to meet with the offender on their release and provide them with the support and advocacy to follow through on the Roadmap and plans to ensure that their basic needs are met during the transition period back into the community.

Out of Gate is one of a number of initiatives aimed at reducing reoffending by 25%, more details of which can be found on the Department of Corrections website.

We have made huge gains helping offenders re-intergrate into the community. Especially in employment and accomodation options.