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Traumatic Brain Injury & Mental Illness Services
Traumatic Brain Injury & Mental Illness Services
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Community Services

The Goodwood Park Healthcare Group is proud to offer a range of community based services which include flexible and mobile support for people who are living independently, but not necessarily alone, in their community.

The areas covered in these contracts range from the Far North down to Wairoa on the East Coast, and as far south as Turangi.

Whangarei, Auckland,Tauranga and Te Awamutu have staffed offices.

We have Support Hour Services in New Lynn, Ranui and the Greater West Auckland area

These services are designed to provide some additional support for those who wish to live totally independently in their community of choice and to remain actively involved with family and whānau whilst participating in community living, education, employment and self-management of their wellbeing.

We encourage independence by relearning old skills and learning new skills and to identify and seek natural “circles of support” rather than professional supports. We assist clients to become more actively involved in their local community and /or to transition from their family home or residential care facility to independent living in a community setting. Where possible, clients are matched with an age, gender and culturally compatible support worker.

Our staff are well trained to provide direct support to enable independence and a higher quality of life to people referred to our services.

Visits are normally prearranged by mutual agreement between the client and their support worker, however there is some flexibility to allow for unexpected needs.

This service assists people with tasks, such as accessing community activities, social and recreational groups, parenting support, education and employment options, budgeting, and dealing with other agencies.

It is designed to deliver individualised programmes to encourage people to take responsibility for decisions affecting their lives and involves personal planning to meet needs and choices.