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Traumatic Brain Injury & Mental Illness Services
Traumatic Brain Injury & Mental Illness Services
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Why choose services from The Goodwood Park Healthcare Group?

It is important to be confident about the quality of support you or your loved one will receive when entering a service.

There are certain things to look for and questions to ask when narrowing down your list of options.

What to look for in the staff:

What to look for in the residents:


Is the atmosphere friendly and homely?

Is the home well-decorated and well-kept?

Does it smell OK? 

Does it seem to be a comfortable temperature for the residents?

Do the residents seem active and content?

Do residents seem happy with the way the staff address them?

Are different residents addressed in different ways according to

what they want (for example, as Mr or Mrs, or by their first name)?

Are residents treated with respect as well as in a friendly manner?

Do the staff seem caring and attentive towards residents? 

Are there enough members of staff on duty to be able to give

everyone individual attention?

Are there other people of your age or gender or with a similar disability?

Are there plenty of residents who can carry on conversations?

Have the staff asked about you and your interests? 


Will it be easy for you to keep in touch with your family and friends?

Is it easy to get to local shops or to a pub or to church or to other

places/events that you want to go to? 

Is there transport to help you get where you want to go?


Questions to ask when you visit a residential facility.

 IS THE BUILDING Home 1 Home 2 Home 3

Is there a garden that residents can use?

Is the facility staffed 24/7?




Are they light and airy and well furnished?

If you share a room, can you meet the other person beforehand?


Is there provision for married couples? 

Personal possessions

Can you bring some of your own furniture and belongings?

Can you lock the door of your room? 

Is there a secure place where valuables can be kept?

Does the home take responsibility for insuring residents possessions?

Can you have your own television in your room?

Are there enough power points in bedrooms to take everything you need:

lamps, tape/CD/DVD player, radio, television, computer?


Is there a telephone you can use without people overhearing what you are saying?

Can you have a telephone installed in your room?

Bathrooms and toilets

Have toilets, baths and showers been adapted to make them easy and private

for residents to use?

Is there a toilet within easy reach of your bedroom?


Communal rooms

Is the furniture in the communal rooms arranged in a comfortable way? 

If you are a smoker, are there designated areas for smoking?



Domestic arrangements

Are you comfortable with the ‘house rules’ (for example, about smoking, alcohol or pets)?

Can you influence what happens in the home?

Would there be a member of staff whose job it is to take a special interest in your welfare? 


Can you help around the home if you want to?


Are daily papers delivered?

Meals Home 1 Home 2 Home 3


Do the menus seem to you to be balanced and nutritious?

Can special diets be catered for? 

Can menus include food that you particularly like?

Can you have/make a snack or drink whenever you want? 

Is it possible to have meals other than at set times?

Can you have meals in your own room?


Are social events and outings organised frequently?

Are regular classes held (for example, exercise, handicrafts)? 

Is there scope for you to continue with the hobbies that you enjoy

(for example, gardening, music, games)? 



Can you practise your own religion?


Can family and friends visit you without restriction? 

Are there places where residents can spend time in private with their guests?

Can visitors stay for a meal?

Can you make/offer your guests a drink or a snack? 


Are pets allowed?


Personal care

Can you have a say in the way you are supported?


Health care

Can you keep the same doctor that you have now? 

Is there a local doctor who the facility uses? 

Generic questions re the management of the facility is run?

Who runs the home?

Are they the owner or the manager?

How long have they been running the home? 

When can they be contacted?

How many residents are there?

How many staff are on duty:

in the morning? 

in the afternoon?

in the evening?

at night? 

Are night staff awake or on call?

What training do staff get? 

What qualifications have staff got?

See front page for details of the kinds of qualifications that you might expect

Are families/friends invited to reviews of the care

a resident needs?

What are the arrangements for making sure that

people are safe in the event of a fire?


What happens if you are unhappy with the home after

you have moved in? 

How do you make a complaint?