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Hear from the Team

Emily Spurdle

Emily Spurdle

Position: Training Co-ordinator

Topic: (Career Progression)

I was employed at the end of 2012 as an Occupational Therapist and Clinical Coordinator for one of our residential services for people with brain injury.  Within this role I was supported with regular supervision, and opportunities to engage in professional development; both internally and externally. 

The opportunity for professional growth within the company has truly extended beyond my expectations.  I am now employed as the Training Coordinator, and have been responsible for the development and implementation of NZQA qualifications (Certificate in Health and Wellbeing, for Brain Injury Support & Mental Health and Addiction).  I have supported over 70 staff internally through this qualification, and am now delivering training and assessing staff from other organisations.  I regularly travel to locations around the North Island to support staff, and recently had an all expenses trip to Wellington for two nights to attend a conference and awards ceremony. 

Goodwood Park Healthcare has been amazingly supportive with flexibility around maternity leave, and allowing me to return to work in a part time capacity.  I feel lucky to work with an amazing group of people, and for a company with true family values.