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Core purpose:

Goodwood Park Healthcare Group's community services are designed to provide additional specialist supports for clients who are able and who wish to live independently in ir community of choice. Supports can assist m to  remain actively involved with ir family and whānau, participate in community living, education, employment and self-management of ir wellbeing.

The community services offered at Goodwood Park Healthcare Group assist people with everyday tasks; such as accessing community activities, social and recreational groups, parenting support, education and employment options, budgeting, and liason with or agencies.

It is designed to deliver individualised, goal-focused programmes to encourage people to take responsibility for decisions affecting ir lives and involves personal planning to meet needs and choices. We encourage independence by relearning old skills and learning new skills. We support people to identify and seek natural “circles of support” rar than professional supports. We assist clients to become more actively involved in ir local community and /or to transition from ir family home, or residential care facility, to independent living in a community setting. Where possible, clients are matched with an age, gender and culturally compatible support worker. Our staff are well trained to provide direct support to enable independence and a higher quality of life to people referred to our services.

Service streams:
Supported Living Service 

The Supported Living Service is an ACC funded contract that provides one-on-one support to clients who have experienced some form of serious injury. A large percentage of our clients have suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury or Spinal Injury, however, all our referrals come from serious injury teams within ACC, so we can encompass any form of serious injury that requires support. Currently we have Supported Living Service teams in Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Northland. Our current clients range in age from 8 to 85 years old.

Clients are referred to our service through ir ACC case manager and n assessed to provide a clear plan of achievable goals and appropriate support hours. This is done in conjunction with client, family/whānau, ACC and any or providers involved in client’s rehabilitation. Clients are n matched with a support worker, who works alongside client to achieve ir individual goals. Goals fall into four categories: Home and Living, Vocation and Education, Recreation and Leisure and Community Participation.

Our main objectives are to remain goal-focused, slowly fading out support as and when appropriate and to promote independence.


Treena Percy – Service Manager – Auckland, Northland & Bay of Plenty 
Phone: 027 395 6181


Mental Health Supported Living Service

Goodwood Park Healthcare Group re-modelled many of its 24/7 residential beds into this new service, as a part of redesigning Mental Health services to become more community orientated and more targeted to clients needs.

The new service provides targeted inputs into areas where people require support. This service enables clients to make more appropriate choices about where y live and who y live with. It also increases clients ability to make decisions and take control over most areas of ir life.

Support hours also allow flexiblility to enable support to increase and decrease, according to clients needs, and for supports to be delivered at a time most suitable to client. Unlike many community services, Mental Health Supported Living is still available 24/7.

The service is funded by Waitemata DHB and individually tailored in collaboration with client and ir family/whānau. Support is co-ordinated and responsive to ir changing aspirations, capacity/capability, goals, needs and mental health requirements over time. The service provides socially inclusive activities that client identifies as meaningful to m and, where appropriate, consistent with a tikanga/kaupapa Māori approach.

Dominika Salagierska-Williamson – Team Leader
Phone: 0273826887

Complex Packages of Care:

This service provides support to people with high and complex mental and physical health needs. These may include personality disorders, behavioural changes, cognitive disabilities, acquired brain injuries or personal health needs.

Referrals come from Local Co-ordination Service at Waitemata DHB. Clients must be 18 years of age and be receiving clinical intervention from Waitemata DHB. The service has a co-ordination role, specifically in designing individual support plans for highly complex clients, often involving multiple services and providers.

Our Complex Packages of Care service uses a recovery and strengths based philosophy, while meeting needs of a wide range of people.

The purpose of each Package of Care is to meet individual’s needs and support m so that y can live well within environment of ir choice. Flexibility in service delivery is a key component responding to changing needs of client.

Brenda Jenkins – CPOC Co-coordinator
Phone: 0275639912

Supported Landlord Service

Goodwood Park Healthcare Group's Supported Landlord Service is a very low level intervention, but one that has tremendous significance. The lack of stable accommodation may cause poor mental health and can be one of biggest challenges facing our clients.

Goodwood Park Healthcare Group provides quality accommodation with understanding and supportive landlords A single all inclusive charge is easier to manage for our clients. In addition, clients also receive support from our community teams and we regularly visit to assist in managing any issues y face. We have ability to refer to more intensive services if we identify a client whose wellbeing is declining.

Support staff assist clients to find local community activities and services which enables m to develop long term sustainable support networks.

Carole Ritchie – Supported Landlord Service Co-ordinator
Phone : 0273610034

To refer to our service please contact:

Treena Percy
Service Manager – Community

phone: 07 571 6250

mob: 027 395 6181